Shunyata Research Review

To Doug Schneider,

When can we expect to see your review of the Shunyata high-end power cords? I have the PS8, Venom HC, and regular cords, and I am looking for feedback on their more expensive cables.

Jerry Belben

I suspect you are writing me because you read my two Shunyata blog posts on SoundStage! Global (“Shunyata Research and the Power-Cable Tryouts -- Part 1” and “Part 2”). In the second one, I mention following up with a proper review of the Alpha HC power cable.

Right now, I still have a couple of reviews of other products to finish before I get to the Alpha HC, so I’m not exactly sure when it will be published. But if I have to guess, I’d say to look for it in July at the earliest, August at the latest. Hopefully you can wait that long. . . . Doug Schneider