To Doug Schneider, 

I hope this e-mail finds you well. I hope in the ensuing years that you have had a chance to listen to the Harbeth M30.1. I have a 12’ by 20’ room and will listen from about 8’ or 9’ away. I am planning on getting the Luxman D-05u CD player and L-507uX integrated amplifier. The speakers can go 2’ from the front wall, max. I listen to acoustic jazz, rock, Brazilian, vocals, classics like Sinatra, and R&B.

What do you think of the M30.1 vs the Dynaudio Confidence C1? 

United States

I reviewed the Harbeth M30 and Dynaudio Confidence C1, but I have not reviewed the M30.1 and have not heard it at length, although I have seen a pair and talked to Harbeth’s owner and chief designer, Alan Shaw, when he was finalizing the crossover for it. Even though I’m a little familiar with the 30.1, I cannot tell you about its sound or how it would compare to the Confidence C1.

What I wish to say is that although I didn’t like the way the Confidence C1 looked when I reviewed it (and still don’t like its looks today), I absolutely loved the way that speaker sounded -- extremely natural and unfatiguing, yet still wickedly detailed and transparent. The C1 is one of the best-sounding two-ways I’ve ever heard; therefore, if you’re out shopping, don’t overlook it, even though it’s now several years old. Dynaudio’s Confidence C1 is really special and not talked about as much as it probably should be. . . . Doug Schneider