Wharfedale Diamond 225 vs. SVS Prime Bookshelf

To Doug Schneider,

I need some help in a bad way. I’m looking for a bookshelf speaker for an office that is 15’ x 15’ (8’ ceiling), using a Yamaha R-S500 receiver. I am only going to listen to CDs and the radio. I found two on the web: Wharfedale Diamond 225 for $449 at musicdirect.com and SVS Prime Bookshelf for $499.98 at svssound.com. Their specs are close. Can you help me figure out which speakers I should purchase? I would be better if I could listen to them, but that’s going to be hard, [because] nobody carries them in South Carolina.

Thank you,
United States

Good news, bad news. First the bad news -- you really are going to have to listen to them to find out which is the best for you. Their specs might be close, but they won’t sound exactly the same and no one in the world will be to tell you which you will like more. Now the good news -- you have picked two excellent speaker models, so no matter which you go with, you won’t likely wind up with bad sound. That should be reassuring.

Given your situation of not being able to audition, the one thing I can point out that might sway you in the direction of the SVS is the company’s outstanding satisfaction guarantee -- you can return their speakers within 45 days and they will even pay for return shipping. Frankly, it’s hard to go wrong with that -- try a pair and listen to see if you like them. Music Direct also allows returns, but their policy is more restrictive and, from everything I have read, they won’t cover shipping. For a person who can’t audition prior to purchasing, SVS seems like the most logical place to start. . . . Doug Schneider