Hegel H360 vs. Devialet 120 or 200?

To SoundStage!,

Hegel H360 vs. Devialet 120 or 200? Anyone done this comparison? Hans? Or Hegel HD30 and amp vs. Devialet?


It’s interesting that you should bring this up, because I was just talking to Hans Wetzel about all the integrated amps he has reviewed and has on hand. He owns a Hegel Music Systems H360 and a Devialet Expert 200. He was also the one who reviewed the Devialet Expert 120, though he doesn’t have that in-house anymore. However, Devialet is sending him the new Expert 130 Pro for review, which he should have in a few days. I suspect that his review of the Expert 130 Pro will discuss most if not all of these amps, since he always includes comparisons. The review won’t appear on this site, though; instead, it will be published on SoundStage! Access, since he’s senior editor for that site and it fits nicely into the content there. . . . Doug Schneider