KEF Praise, Devialet Question

To Doug Schneider,

Great review of the KEF Reference 3. Would love to hear the 3 or 5 sometime. KEF is really pushing the limit and pumping out industry-leading designs. Would be fun to compare one of their new models against a pair of older KEF 104/2s!

I see the Devialet Gold Phantom in your equipment list. Hoping a review is in the queue. Would love to read your Gold review and comparison to a topnotch “conventional” speaker system.

United States

I agree that it would be interesting to put an older KEF against one of the newer ones, though I have a sneaking suspicion that I already know how it would come out. With all that’s occurred at KEF and elsewhere since the 104/2 debuted, in 1984, it would likely be clobbered by most if not all the models in KEF’s Blade, Reference, and R-Series lines. Speaker designers have learned so much more since the 1980s, plus modern materials and manufacturing are so much better than back then. Then again, one would only know for sure by trying.

There is a Devialet Gold Phantom review in the works and your wish is going to come true, because it will be compared to more conventional speakers. In fact, one of the speaker models I plan to use for comparison is KEF’s Reference 3! . . .  Doug Schneider