To Change for the Better

To SoundStage! Hi-Fi,

First off and as always, another excellent article from your site [“Embracing the Change”]. Ken is a writer, not a typist. A rarity in the world of high-end audio. Having said that I shall now address, or rather add to, the final words of his article.

Of late, I have begun to return to my favorite time for audio, the ’70s. I have started to purchase vintage receivers, so far, from Sony, Pioneer, and Kenwood. I am actively seeking a Sansui G-5700 for my older brother as it is his favorite. Which brings us to the question of: “Why?”

Because within the word “classic” resides the word “class.” And class is timeless, endless, and like the last item to spring from Pandora’s Box, gives hope. I am what I would call an objectivist with a touch of subjectivism. My subjectivist side leans toward the visual end of audio, something many seem to eschew but, unlike so many aural subjectivists, do not force my tastes upon others and when they don’t agree with them, neither do I call those people “blind” or “stupid” or what-have-you. But they do so enjoy calling such as I “deaf,” stupid, or what-have-you.

Ken speaks of change and embracing it. My mother taught me that anyone can change, but she said what is needed is change for the better. Call his latest column a sign post pointing the way. Only those blinded by their own ego will miss it.

Scott S.
United States