MQA Via Ethernet on the Hegel H390

To Doug Schneider, 

I live in São Paulo State, Brazil. This morning I had the pleasure of reading your very nice review of the Hegel H390 integrated amplifier, which I have had for two months.

There is a point I would like to confirm with you. In my unit, the Ethernet input supports MQA and the files are unfolded normally up to 24-bit/192kHz resolution.

Looking forward to your kind reply,
Ricardo Cremasco

Previously, when I asked Hegel about MQA via Ethernet, they told me that it didn’t work, which mirrored my experience with the H390. But since you wrote stating that it is working for you, I decided to ask them again and, much to my surprise, they’re now saying that with the latest updates, the H390 does support MQA through the Ethernet jack. Confused by that, because the H390 I have has been updated, I also asked why MQA via Ethernet still didn’t work for me and was told that since mine was one of the earliest samples sent to reviewers, it still might not be MQA compatible through that port. They did assure me, though, that all the units that went to consumers should support it. Right now they’re checking my serial number with their records to see if that’s truly the issue here, but I’m glad that it is working for you -- and trust it’s working for others as well. . . . Doug Schneider