Get the Totem Kin Monitor In

To Doug Schneider,

I just read your review of the Totem Acoustic Skylight and enjoyed it very much. I am in the early stages of trying to figure out a very nice audio setup for our small desktop (2’ x 4’) in our small home office (6’ x 9’). One of the models that caught my eye was the new Totem Kin Monitor. It was released last September, but I haven’t been able to find a single review on it. Is there any chance you could get your hands on a pair and try them out in a nearfield/desktop setup with a subwoofer? I’d love to read a write-up from you about them, maybe also mentioning how they compare to other speakers you’ve heard in that setting. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks from the mountains of North Carolina.

Dan Suess
United States

Good tip! I saw the Kin Monitor when I last visited Totem Acoustic, but didn’t listen to it or even request a pair for review. We’ll show your e-mail to them and see what they say. . . . Doug Schneider