Hegel's H95 and Spotify Connect

To Doug Schneider,

Thanks for the thorough review of the Hegel Music Systems H95. It feels like this is a good choice of upgrade from my NAD D 7050, which is definitely feeling dated these days.

My only question is related to Spotify Connect, which I currently access via TosLink using my Sony Bravia TV that’s attached to my system. Hegel says on their website that the H95 comes shipped with Spotify Connect, but you say it’s due for update at a later time. Did the firmware update you did on the production model install Spotify Connect? Or is it still something we all need to wait for? With NAD and Spotify going their separate ways shortly after buying my D 7050, I do feel a bit stung, so it’s an important factor for me to consider.

Thanks for any info you can offer at all on this topic, as it would be much appreciated.

Sean R.

My H95 review sample was one of the first off the production line, so they didn’t have Spotify Connect implemented at that time. The firmware update didn’t install it, either. But I sent an e-mail to Hegel just after you wrote in and received this back: “Spotify Connect is available on it now.” If you do decide to change over from the NAD, you should be good to go with the H95 and Spotify Connect. . . . Doug Schneider