On Measurements, Buying Decisions, and YouTube's Zero Fidelity

To Doug Schneider,

I learned a lot from this article—probably one of the best on any of your excellent websites to date—and agree with 90% of what you said.

I would only add that PERSONALLY I don’t buy gear based on measurements, good or bad, nor do I buy based solely on what reviewers say; although your publications’ reviews are among the best, they are only part of what influences my buying decisions.

Apart from your stable of contributors, one reviewer I have found reliable—relatively speaking—is this YouTuber, Sean. His channel, Zero Fidelity, is a tongue-in-cheek attempt at objectivity, but without the measurements angle. He doesn’t discount measurements or downplay their importance within the industry; he just doesn’t seem to think they are necessary for his purposes.

I have found Sean’s reviews more useful than any of those from Stereophile, for example, though I respect John Atkinson [the magazine’s technical editor] immensely.