Will Musical Fidelity drive his Monitor Audio speakers?

To Vade Forrester,

I have Monitor Audio Platinum PL100s and I'm interested to know if the Musical Fidelity AMS35i integrated amplifier is strong enough for my speakers. Thanks.


It’s always hard to answer a question like yours without knowing how large your listening room is, what kind of music you listen to, and how loud you like your music. However, Monitor Audio recommends amplifiers from 50 to 120W, so the 35Wpc Musical Fidelity AMS35i would probably be somewhat underpowered. If you want a Musical Fidelity amp, the M3i at 70Wpc, or the M6i at 200Wpc, might be better choices depending on how loud you like your music. Keep in mind that I’m just reading the specification sheets -- I haven’t actually heard the M3i, the M6i, or the Monitor Audio PL100 speakers. . . . Vade Forrester