Decade-old Mirage

To Doug Schneider,

I saw a review of the Mirage OM-7 loudspeakers done by you in SoundStage! in May 2001.

Could you be so kind as to give me a suggestion to what would be the best CD player for these speakers? Thank you very much.


Wow, that review was written almost ten years and three site redesigns ago! Since then, plenty has changed not only with SoundStage! (which has recently been renamed SoundStage! Hi-Fi), but with regards to what I’d recommend. There are really no CD players I’d wholeheartedly endorse today; instead, I’d recommend a computer-based setup comprising an Apple- or Windows-based computer and an external DAC. There are many DACs to choose from, but the one that seems to be a hot ticket right now in terms of price, features, and performance is the Wyred-4-Sound DAC-2 that Vade Forrester recently reviewed. Another very good, reasonably priced DAC that I have in for review right now is the Hegel HD10 that costs $1200 . . . Doug Schneider