Vivid B1s in a smaller room

To Doug Schneider,

I just read your review of the Vivid B1. Just a question: How big is the listening room you had them in?

Shopping for speakers at the moment and I have a dedicated listening room that is a bit on the small size at 12’ x 17’ x 7.5’. I do use some Acoustic Revive acoustic panels (three on the front wall) and five pairs of ASC Tube Traps.

B Noel

My room is 16’ wide x 36’ long, but I only use the front half of it for listening. The back half is used as my office space. Even just using half of it, the room is larger than average and the B1s worked exceptionally well in it because of their high output capability. Those speakers could play loud! But I suspect they’d be more at ease in a room that’s about your size. You might feel your room is a bit on the small size, but after having been to many listening rooms over the years, I don’t think it is. Based on the measurements you gave, the ceiling is about half a foot lower than most, but the width and length are reasonable. With the acoustical treatment you describe along with careful setup, the B1s should work just fine. . . . Doug Schneider