Rockport Mira 2 versus Magico V2

To Doug Schneider,

I read your review of the Magico V2 with enthusiasm. This speaker had been recommended to me, along with Rockport and Vivid products, as I seek a major upgrade from my 27-year-old KEF speakers. I live in an isolated region, however, so the opportunity to just sit down and carefully audition both speakers (Rockport Mira 2 and Magico V2) is limited and involves traveling (at least five hours for the Rockport). I was hoping that you might facilitate the process by comparing and contrasting these two products.

My listening room is 22’ x 16’ and includes a 7’ piano on one side. I will likely continue to use my old Tandberg amp (model 3012, 100W/18A peak current) initially, then upgrade next year or sometime soon. I listen to Western classical music 99 percent of the time and I seek neutrality, transparency, musicality, and an accurate soundstage. My musical taste ranges from solo piano to large orchestra. Thank you for your assistance.

Michael Mathieu

I know the Magico V2 well because I reviewed it, but I’m not familiar enough with the Mira 2 because I haven’t reviewed that. Still, I can give you some insight.

Both companies design excellent speakers with strict neutrality and high transparency being near the top of the list of their design goals. Musicality means different things to different people, but to me it means that the speaker is faithful to the source and very listenable for long periods without any off-putting qualities such as high distortion, steeliness in the high frequencies, or anything else that has you wanting to turn the volume lower, or right off. The V2 certainly qualifies as neutral, transparent, and musical. Even though I haven’t reviewed the Mira 2, I have heard many of Rockport’s designs and those qualities apply to their speakers as well. Summed up, I know the V2 to be an outstanding loudspeaker, and based on what I know of Rockport’s other designs (as well as what I know of Andy Payor, their founder and chief designer), the Mira 2 should be too.

The only concern I have is with your amplifier. I have no idea how hard or easy the Mira 2 is to drive, but I found that the V2 needs more than 100W to really come alive. For whatever reason, it seems to suck up power and I’m not sure that the ol’ Tandberg would be up to the task. With too little power, the V2 sounds slow and plodding. My advice would be to try your amp on both speakers before you finalize your decision, despite the fact that auditioning might be difficult. Frankly, a five-hour drive isn’t that much when you consider that it’s likely to be a purchase that lasts you a long, long time. . . . Doug Schneider