Go Jamo

To Doug Schneider,

I have purchased recently a pair of Jamo R 909 dipole speakers, which are rated 4 ohms, and may handle 550W (nominal).

I was interested in having a review of these speakers from your excellent team.

Thanks and regards,
Fernando Cassaro

I’ve seen the R 909 speaker at shows and it certainly looks interesting, but we’ve never reviewed it or other Jamo products even though we’d like to. Jamo was acquired by Klipsch many years ago, as were the Energy and Mirage brands. Unfortunately, we’ve had very little contact with Klipsch in the last few years, despite having done many reviews of Energy and Mirage products before the takeover. Perhaps that will change in time, but at the moment I have a tough time imagining we’ll be getting anything in for review. . . . Doug Schneider