Any Avalon?

To Doug Schneider,

I was hoping to find a review of the Avalon Acoustics NP Evolution 2.0 speakers on one of the SoundStage! Network websites, but came up empty. Does this mean that these weren't reviewed by any contributors? If so, is this because these speakers are not deemed worthy of attention (which is quite possible if it is felt that they’re just not worth the trouble). Don't take this as a criticism, it is not. Just wondering.

Yvon Provencher

It’s a good question. Many years ago we did a factory tour of Avalon and even scheduled a speaker for review, but the company didn’t send the speaker after they learned we were going to measure it in the chamber at Canada’s National Research Council. Since then, the company’s never offered another speaker for review. But if they do offer to send us a speaker, we would certainly review it, as well as measure it. Time will tell if that ever happens. . . . Doug Schneider