". . . the Bryston BDP-1 was exceptional."

To Doug Schneider,

I am an old-timer (57) as well as an old-timer to audio systems, high-end rags, and the enjoyment of listening to music. I will cut to the chase and tell you that your review of the Bryston BDP-1 was exceptional. I have read many other reviews on this piece since it first appeared and none of them explained its purpose and features in the manner you did. I find the whole computer-audio movement confusing. I survived many of the format wars by simply sitting them out on the sidelines. I continue to buy vinyl, but haven’t bought a CD in years and have never downloaded one song because I don’t have the equipment to play it. Your review on the Bryston was very educational for me and gets me closer to modern-day music storage/playback.


I’m glad to hear you enjoyed reading the review and found it informative. When I was writing the BDP-1 review I knew that I didn’t want to explain just its performance, but its design too, and who it is intended for. After I wrote the review, I checked some other reviews of the BDP-1 and agree with you that most of them are lacking some of those details. I suspect that one of the reasons is that most reviewers don’t have a strong background with computers, which is precisely what the BDP-1 is. . . . Doug Schneider