Giya G2s and bass

To Doug Schneider,

I am interested in the Vivid Audio Giya G2 speakers that you reviewed. I have heard and was also considering the G1s as well, although I prefer the size of the G2. I am not able to hear the G2s, since there is no dealer local to me with a pair.

I am a little concerned about the bass. Did the G2s have enough slam and pounding bass for rock, dance, and all music, especially with a tube or solid-state amp? I really want to be sure that this speaker provides a full-range soundstage with all music. I am sure it can get down in frequency like you stated, but can it energize a 15’ by 20’ room? I have heard the G3 and I thought it sounded amazing, but it was a little thin in the bass for my listening. My current speakers have good bass response, but I am looking for something more natural sounding, and I really want to improve the bass response, especially with my tube amps. Any comments will help -- I am making such a huge investment I want to make the right decision. 

Name withheld upon request

I don’t blame you for wanting to make the right decision -- it is a big investment. On the other hand, I’m pretty sure you can’t go wrong with one of the Vivid Giya models. As I said in the review, they are making some of the very best speakers in the world right now.

I also heard the G3s (in Las Vegas in January) and they are definitely lighter down low, not to mention quite a bit smaller in size, so I agree that they wouldn’t be right for you. The G3s are definitely suited to a smaller-sized listening space.

The G2s easily energized my extremely large room (it’s bigger than yours) and provided the tightest, deepest, most impactful bass that I’ve ever heard here. It’s pretty safe to say that these speakers absolutely blew me away in that regard. But will their bass be sufficient for you, particularly using tube amps? I’m pretty sure they would be suitable providing your amps can give them the juice, but you would really have to hear them for yourself to know for sure. If you can’t do that, then the safest recommendation is actually the G1. It supposedly does everything that the G2 does, but with its larger cabinet and bigger woofers it can go even deeper in the bass and play louder down there without strain. Frankly, I can’t imagine needing that kind of output capability, but undoubtedly there are some people who can use it -- by the sounds of it, you might be one of them. However, if neither the G1 nor G2 can satisfy your need for bass, I’m pretty sure that no loudspeaker on the planet can. . . . Doug Schneider