PMC and PSB Comparisons

To Doug Schneider,

I enjoyed your review of the PMC twenty.24, which sounds like one I need to add to my consideration set. I appreciate your comparison with the PSB Imagine T2, but given the price of the PMC product, would it not have also made sense to compare it to PSB's Synchrony One? Any thoughts on that comparison?

I suspect Revel's new F208 (I believe that's the model) will be stiff competition for all of these once it's released later this year. I'm hoping you'll review it at an early date.


Price-wise, the PSB Synchrony One does make for the most logical comparison to the PMC twenty.24; however, it's been too long since the One has been set up in my listening room to make any meaningful comparisons between the two loudspeakers. As a result, I chose to compare the twenty.24 to two speakers I'd recently reviewed: PSB's Imagine T2 and Focal's Chorus 836 W Prestige. I think those comparisons are quite telling -- the twenty.24 is an excellent loudspeaker, but there are reasons some people might consider the less-expensive T2 and 836 W loudspeakers.

Whenever Revel releases a new loudspeaker, audiophiles should sit up and take notice -- the company is known for consistently producing outstanding loudspeakers at many price points. I happen to use Revel's Ultima Salon2 as a reference -- it's only been bettered in my room by the outstanding, much-more-expensive Vivid Audio Giya G2. The F208 (you have the model name right) is part of Revel's new Performa3 series. We saw the prototypes at CES 2012 and asked for review samples back then. I thought they'd be released by now, but obviously not. On the other hand, there's some stiff competition for Revel these days -- watch for my review of KEF's R500 loudspeaker that will be published in the next couple of months. The R500 might set a new standard for price and performance. . . . Doug Schneider