Speaker "Short" List

To Doug Schneider,

We have communicated in the past and I know you have reviewed and heard so many wonderful speakers. I was just wondering if you were to pick out a couple of pairs of standmounts as well as floorstanders that top your list for two-channel listening (up to about $8000), which ones would top your "short" list? Also, what speakers do you currently use for home listening that you keep (not just reviewing)?

Thanks very much,

Off the top of my head, I'm not sure that I could pick just a couple I like most because I've reviewed so many. I'd really have to go back through all of my reviews. But I can tell you what I'm listening to right now that I'm really impressed with: KEF's R500. This is an incredibly good loudspeaker that sells for just $2599.98 per pair. Frankly, when the pair first arrived here, I thought they were priced at twice that. The speakers I keep here as references are Revel Ultima Salon2s, but if I didn't have those, I could easily live with the KEFs. Look for the review to be published on August 1. . . . Doug Schneider