DACs: Calyx or Meitner Over PS Audio?

To Doug Schneider,

I am researching to replace my PS Audio PerfectWave DAC MKII and ran across some articles about the Calyx Femto. I know you have been around lots of DACs and I wonder whether this would be a hands-down upgrade from my current PS Audio PerfectWave DAC MKII. I have been looking at the Meitner MA-1 as an option as well. Do you know anything about this DAC?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


I must start by saying that I’m not that familiar with PS Audio’s current lineup of products. The brand seems popular, but it’s not one I take too serious a look at since I don’t like the way they present or market their products -- too much salesmanship and hype rather than a focus on product performance for my liking. Therefore, I don’t really know what you have or how good it is.

But I do know that the Femto and MA-1 are great and that no one would accuse these companies of presenting hype over substance. The MA-1 retails for $7000, while the Femto is just under that. I reviewed the Femto in September and Uday Reddy reviewed the MA-1 in May. I would have bought the Femto if I could have afforded it, but Uday did buy the MA-1. These are the two DACs that would be at the top of the list if I were shopping in this price range right now. . . . Doug Schneider