Focusing On the Affordable

To Doug Schneider,

I just wanted to say thanks to you for reviewing "real world" (mid-priced/affordable) speakers like the KEFs (LS50 and R500), Sonus Faber Venere, and recent Canton Chrono. Very enjoyable and the comparisons to more expensive speakers is very instructive.

Is there any way you might be able to review something higher up in the Canton range (but not too far) such as the Reference 5.2 DC or 7.2 DC?

Greetings from Belgium!
Nick Marshall

I’m glad you noticed our focus on the affordable. Of course, we review really expensive items too, but the stuff that more people can buy is definitely where it’s at.

I was really impressed by the Chrono SLS 780 DC, so I’m sure you’re going to see other Canton models (more and less expensive) reviewed here in the future. . . . Doug Schneider