Indentifed: the Cables With Sonus Faber's Ex3mas

To Doug Schneider,

I wanted to congratulate you for the excellent and comprehensive review of the beautiful Sonus Faber Ex3ma speakers, and to inform you that the red speaker cables mentioned in the review are made by an Italian company called Cableless. The model used with the Ex3ma is [called] Right Way. They are silver solid-core cables. I apologize for the clarification, but since I use them in my system and I think they are excellent cables and as they are still little known abroad, I wanted to name them.

Best Regards,
Thomas Tortorella

The article you’re referring to on SoundStage! Global is a feature article, not a formal review, but I’m glad you enjoyed it. It was a fantastic trip to Italy to see the speaker’s debut, as well as well worth the effort writing it up.

There’s no need to apologize whatsoever for clarifying what cables they used -- I appreciate your letting me know, because after I left the room I wondered what the cables were, since I forgot to ask. Now I know, as does everyone else who reads this letter. Thanks! . . . Doug Schneider