Paradigm Inspiration Grilles -- On or Off?

To Doug Schneider,

I would like to say that I find the SoundStage! Network such a great set of websites. The reviews are fantastic! I noticed that most reviews contain a "comparison" section, which I find is one factor that sets apart the SoundStage! Network reviews from other magazine and website publications. I also am proud that a Canadian is contributing so much to the audio industry. Keep up the good work.

A question I have: When reviewing the Paradigm Inspiration speakers, did you keep the grilles on or off for the majority of your listening? I know Paradigm meant the grilles to stay on the speakers, but I was just wondering what your preference was.

Thank you,
Chester W.

Thanks for the compliments. Back when, Paradigm designed their speakers to be listened to with the grilles on. Lately, though, that’s not necessarily the case. Before I reviewed the Inspirations I consulted with the designers and asked them about it. They told me that the speakers will perform similarly either way, but for the very best performance, the grilles should be taken off. That’s also how we measured the speaker at NRC as well. . . . Doug Schneider