Cambridge Audio's Giant Killers

To Doug Schneider,

I just purchased [the Cambridge Audio Aero 6] speakers after a home audition today. My Newform speakers were humbled. Even the bass clout of the Newforms gave way over time to the overall “oneness” of the Aeros -- they just breathed music in a most enjoyable way. It’s a rather special speaker that will make other manufacturers up their game. The Aero played music in a way that left me with a big silly grin. Two of my friends listened with me and they both widely preferred the Aeros. The Luxman [amplifier] drove them with ease, and, frankly, I was a little shocked at how good they can be. Are there better speakers? Of course. But at a price of $1199/pr. in Canada, are you kidding? What a small joy to find gems like this.

Lloyd Smith

I haven’t heard the Cambridge Aero 6 speakers, but I’m not surprised you like them so much, given my experiences with the Aero 2s. In my opinion, Cambridge Audio has a giant-killing lineup with these. . . . Doug Schneider