Where Are the Revel Performa3 Reviews?

To Doug Schneider,

Just curious why there have been no reviews of the Revel Performa3 series yet? I just auditioned a pair of M106es. I'm quite impressed. They seem a little more neutral than the KEF LS50. In my room the Revel is easily one of the best bookshelf models I've ever heard and I'm very picky!

Ryan Hansen
United States

It’s funny you should mention Revel’s Performa3 series today -- I literally just finished the review of the F206, which is the smaller floorstander in the series, and sent it in for final editing. You’ll see the review on this site in September. Likewise, Roger Kanno is just finishing up a review of a Peforma3 F208-based home-theater system, which will be published on SoundStage! Xperience in September or October. Anyone who is serious about speakers will want to read these reviews when they come out because, as you’ve learned through listening, these are incredibly good loudspeakers! . . . Doug Schneider