Reference 1: JE Audio's Flagship Preamplifier

To Doug Schneider,

I have been enjoying your writing and, based on your review, I bought the VL10.1 preamplifier and VS70.1 amplifier from JE Audio. I am pleased with the sound, and am using them in a biamp setup (another pair of amplifiers are the NuPrime Ref 20s).

But since you also received the Reference 1, I am interested in how you find the flagship of JE Audio compared to the VL10.1. Many thanks.

Best regards,

I am not surprised that you like your JE Audio gear -- the company makes great stuff. Just to be clear, though, I didn’t write the VS70.1 amplifier review, Vade Forrester did. Mind you, I did write the VL10.1 preamplifier review and I’m working on the Reference 1 preamplifier review right now -- literally. I actually stopped typing it to answer this. I hope for it to be published in a month or two, but if you want a bit of a sneak peek, read my review of the Crystal Cable Arabesque Minissimo speakers on June 1-- I used the VM60 monos and the Reference 1 preamp for part of the evaluation and the combination was fantastic. . . . Doug Schneider