A World of Amplifier Options

To Doug Schneider,

I have an Ayre VX-5 Twenty amplifier. In your opinion, is there any other amplifier at or about its price on the used market (ca. $6000 USD) that you would consider better or just different?

Subroto B.
United States

There is no question that Ayre Acoustics makes excellent-sounding amplifiers. But are there any you might like better than your VX-5 Twenty? Possibly. You will have to decide that, though. Are there others that are simply different? Definitely. This I can help you with. A number of the brands I’d look to are (in no particular order): Bryston, Anthem, Audio Research, Moon by Simaudio, Blue Circle Audio, Bel Canto Design, Hegel Music Systems, Luxman, JE Audio, McIntosh Labs, Benchmark Media Systems, among many others. It is a big world out there for amps! . . . Doug Schneider