Focal 300IWLCR6 / 300IW6


For those that don’t want speakers cluttering their room, Focal’s 300 In-Wall series offers an elegant solution without compromising performance. Installation is made easy by the smart clamping mechanism, and the frameless magnetic grilles result in a near-invisible finish. Through their Flax drivers and glassfibre cones, these Focal in-wall speakers provide a neutral midrange, accurate bass and precise vocal definition, while clear and vibrant harmonics are delivered by the inverted dome tweeter – performance can adjusted via treble and midrange switches. With the three-way 300IWLCR6 speakers bringing impressive dynamics and low-frequency response to the front/centre soundstage, the smaller two-way 300IW6 is perfect for surround channel use. Simply cut a hole, click in and you’re ready to go.