Pro-Ject CD Box RS2 T/Pre Box RS2 Digital


Although best known for its turntables, Pro-Ject is building an enviable reputation in digital audio, too – and this two-box CD transport and DAC/preamp is its most impressive component yet. A real ground-up design, the CD Box RS2 T features a customised CD-Pro 8 transport mechanism, supported by an alloy/carbon fibre chassis and state-of-the-art disc-reading electronics. Digital connections to the hugely flexible Pre Box RS2 Digital DAC even include HDMI, with a synchronising clock. The latter also boasts Bluetooth, USB-B, coaxial and Toslink digital inputs, with a choice of solid-state and tube-based analogue outputs. With support for MQA and no fewer than seven digital filter options too, this combination delivers CD and hi-res digital audio sound in a range of delicious flavours – this is true audiophile performance, and supreme flexibility, packed into two remarkably compact enclosures!