EISA’s Best Products of 2023–2024

SoundStage! Hi-Fi became a member of the Expert Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) in May 2018. EISA’s roots are in photography—it began in 1982 when the editors of five European photo magazines got together to jointly select the best camera of the year. Nowadays, EISA has six subgroups spanning a wide range of consumer products: Hi-Fi, Home Theater Audio, Home Theater Display & Video, In-Car Electronics, Mobile Devices, and, of course, Photography. It’s expanded beyond its European origins. EISA is now global in scope, with approximately 60 member publications worldwide across all the subgroups.

Best 2022-2023

As a member of EISA’s Hi-Fi subgroup, SoundStage! Hi-Fi can nominate and vote for products we consider worthy of EISA’s Best Product awards in that category. Like every member publication, we must have first-hand experience with every product that we are nominating or voting for. Some products get nominated in more than one subgroup. If a product is named a winner by more than one subgroup, it receives a single “joint” EISA award. For 2023–24, more than 80 products earned EISA awards.

Here’s to the EISA Best Products of 2023–2024 winners across all the subgroups, and to EISA for another successful year. The organization has endured for more than 40 years. EISA is still going strong, adapting, and growing. Below you’ll find links for all the subgroup winners. The Hi-Fi and Home Theater Audio winners are featured directly on this site since they are of the most interest to our readers. The other subgroup links will take you to EISA’s website for the details on those winning products.

EISA’s Best Products of 2023–2024

. . . Doug Schneider