To Doug Schneider,

Whatever happened to your Devialet Gold Phantom review, which I believe was slated for February? We need more Phantom reviews; in the two and half years the product has been around, there has only been one comprehensive and truly critical review, Mr. Wetzel’s (and that was for the Silver, of course). Thanks a lot in advance and keep up the good work.

Jacques M.
United States

You noticed! I’ve used this excuse before and I’ll use it again: big workload running the SoundStage! Network and a very deep review queue. The KEF Reference 3 review, which just got published, was actually months behind as well. I’m working on the Devialet Gold Phantom and EMM Labs DA2 reviews right now and plan to have them online soon. Very sorry about the delay on the Gold Phantom, since I know you and many others have been waiting. . . . Doug Schneider