To Doug Schneider,

Thanks for penning such a nice, compact review of a pair of small and predictably competent $200 speakers from PSB. Before reading, there was no question in my mind that this review would be about pleasant overperformers that rolled off around 60Hz, with all that’s entailed in that. The question you hinted at that’s dying to be answered is whether it’s better to pair these little standmounts with a commensurate sub (~$399?), or just buy a bigger pair of standmounts for $500-$600? In other words, does extending the bass of the Alpha P3 down to the 30s make a three-box solution a clear winner over a two-box solution for similar money? For your series of reviews of cheap-’n’-cheerful kit -- bravo, by the way -- having an inexpensive sub on hand would allow readers to make an even more informed purchase decision.

An interesting layer to these reviews would be to test your little system both on a bookshelf and nearfield on a desk, the latter of which is gaining in popularity for people who work at home or otherwise listen at their computers.

Brad P.
United States

I’m glad you brought that up, because a subwoofer is on the way for future “System One” installments. Whether I can pair that with the P3s is yet to be seen -- they might not be here still. But it should help to answer whether or not a three-box speaker system can outperform a two-box one in some instances. . . . Doug Schneider