To Doug Schneider,

I recently purchased a new NAD D 3020 V2 and went looking for reviews after the fact.

I came across your D 3020 V2 review from August 1, 2018, but the opening sentence completely threw me for a loop: “The Canadian electronics manufacturer New Acoustic Dimension, since renamed NAD Electronics, was founded in 1972, and released its famous 3020 integrated amplifier in 1978.” I’m reasonably sure that NAD is English, right?


NAD has changed hands and countries more than once. NAD was founded in the United Kingdom in 1972, but was subsequently purchased by Denmark’s AudioNord in 1991. In 1999, Canada’s Lenbrook Industries, which also owns PSB Speakers and Bluesound, purchased NAD from AudioNord, which is how the brand wound up becoming Canadian. . . . Doug Schneider