Paradigm, PSB, B&W or Thiel?

To Doug Schneider,

I'm going to buy speakers for an upgrade to my existing home theater and I am not so sure what to buy. I have auditioned a lot of speakers; however, I have narrowed it down to the Paradigm Signature S6, B&W 805D, PSB Synchrony One, and the Thiel SCS4T. May I know which of these four speakers you think is the best choice? I know the prices of these speakers are not the same, but which speakers do you think sounds best between these four? I hope to hear from you soon and more power to you. Thank you!

Maximillan Cue

You’ve narrowed it down to four outstanding speakers, but we can only really comment on two. That’s because we haven’t reviewed the 805D or the SCS4T; however, it is worth noting that SCS4T just showed up to be reviewed and measured even though that review won't be published for several months.

Between the S6 and Synchrony One, it’s a very tough choice. Roger Kanno reviewed the S6 on SoundStage! Xperience and bought the review pair. I reviewed the Synchrony One here on SoundStage! and bought that review pair. Both speakers received Reviewers’ Choice awards and both have considerable strengths and, of course, slight weaknesses. It's obviously clear that we can't decide on just one of them, let alone which one is best for you. My suggestion is to reread our reviews and see whose listening tastes are closer to your own and then take a final listen and let your own ears be your guide. . . . Doug Schneider