Simaudio or Classé?

To Doug Schneider,

Just wondering which you would choose between the Simaudio Moon i5.3 and Classé Audio CAP-2100 integrated amplifiers. The Simaudio Moon i5.3 is no longer in production, but is one of my favorites. The CAP-2100 is one I would also like to have. Which is your favorite?

Thanks for your time reading this and responding.

Zoran M.

These are excellent integrated amplifiers, so it’s not surprising that you like them so much. Which one would I choose? The answer is not as simple as just picking one over the other. The decision has mostly to do with what speakers I’d be using these amplifiers with, as well what the other pieces of equipment in the system are. Moral of the story: amplifiers don’t work in isolation, always consider the other components in the system, particularly the speakers. . . . Doug Schneider