No Reference 3A?

To Doug Schneider,

I respect the choices you make and have heard many speakers from the companies you name. One company, Canadian, that I am surprised you didn't mention is Reference 3A.

Now I’m sure at this point you have received, are receiving, and will receive e-mails like mine from other readers asking why x, y, and z were not included. I can make an intelligent guess that maybe Reference 3A isn’t included because they don’t have speaker models below the $1000 price point, and that, in fact, they don't have many models in the grand scheme of things, which may be fair enough for some; however, most of their models punch so high above their respective price point, and these speakers embarrass the manufacturers of speakers that are two to four times their prices. Perhaps you have not listened to enough of their models, and perhaps you need to give this Canadian company a chance.

Anyhow, I will wrap this e-mail up and say thanks for creating an editorial like this, it gives some of your readers a simple guide to go by and that is really why you are here, isn't it?


You're right, that's exactly why I’m here, and I hope some readers can benefit from what I’ve learned over the years. The reason Reference 3A isn’t included is simple: Even though some of our writers have reviewed their speakers and I know the company’s owner, Tash Goka, very well, I’ve never reviewed one of their speakers, nor have I really listened to any for long enough at shows and events to make any kind of credible assessment. The list of companies only indicates my own experiences, so there’s nothing more to it than that. That might change in the future if I personally review one or more of Reference 3A's products, which isn’t such a bad idea at all. . . . Doug Schneider