To Doug Schneider,

I’ve read the interesting reviews on the Meitner MA-1 and EMM Labs DAC2X DACs on the Soundstage! Network, and I’ve seen your “Blogging On Audio” article on the MA-1 DAC and PRE2-SE preamplifier [on SoundStage! Global].

I would like to know if the PRE2-SE is a very good model. And will you write a review to let us know your opinion on this model versus other preamplifiers in this price range? And how about synergy with the MA-1 or DAC2X in a system?

Congratulations for your nice and informative job with the SoundStage! Network.

Best regards,

Thanks for the kind words. The EMM Labs PRE2-SE preamplifier is excellent and, yes, I will be reviewing it, but not right away because there are a number of products in my review queue ahead of it. It’ll be done before the end of the year, though.

Right now I’m using the PRE2-SE with the Meitner MA-1 almost all the time, but I hope by the time that I review it the DAC2X will be here so that I can use them together to see how well that duo works. . . . Doug Schneider