DAC-Purchase Update

To Doug Schneider,

I am writing as a follow-up to an earlier published post titled "DACs: dCS, Esoteric, or . . . ?" In this post I was curious about a possible DAC upgrade and was asking which brand you might recommend. You were particularly positive about the EMM Labs DAC2X and the Meitner MA-1 DACs. I recently had an opportunity to hear the DAC2X as well as the dCS Debussy at a dealer that demonstrated both on a system on par with mine. I wanted you to know that the DAC2X is a very musical product and one that really made the music sound fantastic. I would rank it on a higher plane than the Debussy. In the end, however, I did choose to go with the Esoteric D-02. While the D-02 is significantly more expensive, it is a world-class DAC and probably fits really well with my Esoteric A-02 amp and C-03 preamp and was the main reason I chose it. It should also be the last DAC I will need for a long time. However, for any of the readers considering a DAC, I would agree with your assessment that the DAC2x is one that should be put on a short list. It really is a very outstanding product.

Thanks for all of your suggestions.

Best Regards,

Thanks for the update! I think what’s most important is that you got to hear the DAC2X before you bought the D-02, so you made your purchase with all the facts. I also realize that when you add a new component in, there are things to look at outside of just sound -- the fit with your A-02 and C-03 makes sense. . . . Doug Schneider