Vivid Audio Giya G2 Amplifier Update

To Doug Schneider,

I now have the Musical Fidelity M8PRE preamp and M8700m monos in my system driving the Vivid Audio Giya G2s. I'll have more on what this sounds like with the Giyas after a bit of run-in on the amps, but right out of the box, these electronics are just phenomenal, particularly the preamp. Having compared this preamp to the Pass Labs XP20, Mark Levinson No.326s, EMM Labs PRE2-SE, and Parasound JC 2, I'm convinced it is more transparent, quieter, and so much more revealing than this august line-up. Given that, although it is not cheap, particularly in this day of pre-and-DAC combos, I think it’s perhaps the best buy in elite audio on the market. I am trying to convince a friend to bring his Ayre Acoustics KX-R over for a shootout.

None of this is to depreciate the M8700m monos. They are fabulous, exerting absolute authority over the Giyas. My Vivid Audio dealer's jaw dropped to the floor when he heard the change in sound they wrought with the Giyas, so much so he asked me if I would mind if a couple of his potential customers could come over to listen.

No one has reviewed these amps yet to my knowledge. I'm sure you have a busy calendar of reviews, but you might want to give these a listen.

Best regards,
Ray Farris

Great update! Also, great tip on the preamp and amp -- there's a good chance we will look into them and see what we can scare up for a review! . . . Doug Schneider