The Era/Peachtree Audio D4 Dilemma

To Doug Schneider,

Have you ever heard the Era D4s (now Peachtree Audio)? If so, do you think they are comparable to the Energy RC-10s (which are certainly less expensive)? I'm just trying to get a handle on value for small speakers in this price range.


I haven’t heard the D4, so I can’t tell you how it would compare to the RC-10, but I can tell you not to make a hasty decision. Insofar as “value” goes, they’re $699 per pair and for that much there are many other well-known, reputable brands I’d also look at. Here’s a short list in no particular order: Paradigm, Axiom Audio, PSB, KEF, Definitive Technology, Aperion Audio, GoldenEar Technology, Polk Audio, and B&W. I could name more, but that more or less tells you what they’re potentially up against, which is a very strong list of contenders making a lot of very competitive designs. My advice is to shop around before you buy. . . . Doug Schneider