Polymer Audio Research and Gryphon Audio Designs

To Doug Schneider,

Can you let me know when the review for the Polymer Audio Research MKS speakers will be going live?

Would you possibly be commenting on the combination of Polymer speakers with the Gryphon Mephisto amplifier? I am very interested in this combination so I hope you can combine these two products in your review. 

Thank you,

Look for the MKS review to be online in November or December, but it won’t be with Gryphon’s Mephisto amp, which, admittedly, is a combination that I’d like to hear, given what Jeff said about the amp over at SoundStage! Ultra this month. He thinks it’s the best amp ever made. But it’s Jeff who has the Mephisto right now, not me, and I won’t be getting it, so the review will be with the amps I have here. which are still very good. . . . Doug Schneider