Naim NAIT 5i and Cambridge Audio Aero 2s

To Doug Schneider,

I am interested in buying Cambridge Audio Aero 2 speakers. I just moved into a condo and I own a Naim NAIT 5i v2 with an old pair of Energy Connoisseur C-4 speakers. I need to change the speakers. What do you think of the match of the Naim NAIT and the Aero 2s?

Thank you,
Jacques L.

I can’t see any reason that your Naim integrated amp and the Cambridge Audio speakers wouldn’t work very well. The NAIT 5i is a very well-regarded amp that’s rated at 50Wpc (8 ohms). The Aero 2 is only moderately sensitive, but it’s very easy to drive. It’s also an extremely good sounding speaker for the price, which I wrote about in my review of it this month. In a small room like you’re describing, the pairing should be perfect. . . . Doug Schneider