Cambridge Audio's New Aeromax Speakers

To Doug Schneider,

A pair of your photographs from High End 2014 in Munich show Cambridge Audio's new Aeromax 2 and Aeromax 6 loudspeakers.

I happen to be curious about the floorstanding Aeromax 6 model. On paper it looks like a reasonably priced speaker that may work well in a typical owner's living room (a non-dedicated audio room).

Did you have an opportunity to listen to this latest Aeromax series with its newer balanced mode radiator? If yes, any initial impressions? Any chance of a review at some point in the future?


Cambridge’s Aeromax speakers do look interesting. From what we could tell, they are basically hot-rodded versions of the standard models. These are obviously appealing to me, given how much I liked the Aero 2 when I reviewed it. So if these are even better, they could really be something. Unfortunately, we couldn’t listen to either of the new Aeromax speakers in Munich, but I can’t see why we wouldn’t look at reviewing one or both in the future. . . . Doug Schneider