New Discoveries

To Doug Schneider,

I’m a happy reader of hi-fi sites and an audiophile, obviously. I just recently discovered this site and have read several reviews now.

Just wanted to give you a thumbs up for the way the reviews are done: good balance of technical detail and listening experience, nice pictures, fun to read. But I especially like the comparisons that you make (e.g., in the article on the recent PSB Imagine T3 speakers). These comparisons are very informative and give a good reference to speakers I also might have heard, or still have yet to hear.

So, thanks and hope to see more reviews on SoundStage! Hi-Fi.

Rob Hoogendijk
The Netherlands 

As I wrote in my editorial this month, we’ve actually been around for 20 years now. That said, it’s as satisfying to learn when people discover us now as it was back then. . . . Doug Schneider