Did the Buchardt S400s Show?

To Doug Schneider

Hope you’re good!

Did you manage to review the Buchardt S400 monitors in the end? Wondering how they compare with the KEF LS50s.

Many thanks,

I covered that speaker at Audio Video Show 2017, wrote it up the following month as being one of the best products at that event, and mentioned in there that I’d like us to review a pair; however, I didn’t do a good job of following up with the company since then, because there was too much other stuff on my mind. Your e-mail reminded me of that speaker, so right after this goes online, I’m going to fire off an e-mail of my own to the company, which is located in Denmark. It certainly looked like an interesting speaker that is definitely well worth looking more closely at, so I hope they send a pair over here. . . . Doug Schneider