Richard Gray's and Other Power Products

To Doug Schneider,

I was wondering if you currently use any power conditioners, and if so, which?

Whatever happened to the Richard Gray’s Power Company products? Did you find better, or did any negatives reveal themselves?

Thank you for your input!

Yuki Saki
United States/Japan

It’s a coincidence you should write in and ask this now. After a long break from reviewing power-related products, I literally just finished writing a review on the Shunyata Research Denali D6000S power distributor, which will be published on this site on April 15. In the review, I not only talk about the D6000S, I also explain some of the pros and cons I’ve found with various power-type products. Mind you, I didn’t bring up any Richard Gray’s Power Company products, but not because I found any problems with them -- it’s simply been a very long time since I’ve even seen one of their products, let alone used one in my system, so the company was not even on my mind when I was writing. A quick Google search reveals that the company is still around, but I have no idea what their current products are like. . . .Doug Schneider