Von Schweikert VR-1s today

To Doug Schneider,

A blogger is selling a pair of Von Schweikert VR-1 speakers. I just read your review in SoundStage! from 2003 about them, which was thorough and praised what is obviously a very listenable and accurate speaker. Nevertheless, that was nine years ago that you made that evaluation and many very good monitor-type speakers have come forth since then, both less expensive and more expensive. I gather from your review that this speaker is just not good, but has style and class and even swagger in its musical presentation

I am just curious if you have heard equally good speakers, if not better for the same money, over the last nine years.

Larry Novelli

Von Schweikert’s VR-1 was a good speaker back then and is still a good speaker today, but I’ve heard speakers as good and quite a bit better since then, a number of them priced far less than the VR-1 originally was priced at in 2003 (about $1000 per pair). Still, the VR-1 is a good bet today if the price is right. I have no idea what this blogger is asking for them, but I think that $300 would be a fair price if the speakers are in really good shape. . . . Doug Schneider