Bullshit, charlatanism, creeping honesty, and high-end audio

To Doug Schneider,

Re: Vivid Giya G2 and G3

I am very impressed at the honesty creeping in at SoundStage!, especially your reporting. In my experience, honesty is a rarity in high-end audio.

Keep up the good work.

Jesmond Enriquez

I don’t know what drives most reviewers, but I do know what drives me: finding and reporting on great products. I also know what annoys me: bullshit and charlatanism that, unfortunately, is in abundance in the high end. There is a lot of snake oil out there, but I have no problem speaking out about that.

When it comes to Vivid Audio’s speakers, especially the Giya models, it’s obvious even upon first listen that they’re so ridiculously good that saying anything less in a review would be a complete disservice to readers, as well as to this innovative company that makes them. So that’s why I wrote what I did. Whether everyone will agree with me that the G2 may well be the best speaker in the world right now is another story. After all, honesty aside, when it comes to high-end audio, everyone has an opinion about what sounds good. In my opinion, though, the G2 is now the speaker to beat. Hear it if you can and let me know if you agree. . . . Doug Schneider