Ayre AX-5 Review?

To Doug Schneider,

When are we going to get a review of Ayre's new AX-5 integrated amp? Inquiring minds would like know if it's a KX-R/VX-R on a serious aluminum diet.


We're planning to review Ayre's new AX-5 integrated amp and the new VX-5 power amp this year, but, based on our recent correspondence with the people at Ayre, it's the VX-5 that will come first. I'll be the one who reviews it. More than likely the AX-5 will be going to Uday Reddy, but we're not sure when that will be, so I can't give you any kind of firm date on that one. The VX-5 will supposedly ship in a couple of weeks, but it's going to first go to BHK Labs for measurements before it makes it here. If it arrives here within, say, one month, I'll immediately place it in my system and aim to have the review published on May 1. . . . Doug Schneider